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Amy Earp, Director of Marketing & Business Development, joined the eWrit Filings team in 2011 after being recruited to build the brand, relationships and business.

Amy, a former property management professional of 20 plus years (mostly serving as a Director of Marketing & Education) knew that “selling” was not well received these days so she took her talent and passion for giving others energy, confidence and knowledge to the multifamily housing industry. She did this by offering seminars, workshops and consulting to eWrit clients, local associations and more.

Evelyn Hodge joined the team shortly after with her background of 30 plus years in property management operations. She, like Amy, couldn’t keep her passion for the industry at bay and began consulting and training to assist eWrit’s clients with delinquency reduction plans, general operations and more!

eWrit has been evolving over the years. Technology was added making eWrit more efficient, the business grew, and word traveled fast about the little filing company doing big things.

In addition to leading this incredible team, Amy and Evelyn began getting requests to travel for speaking engagements, conducting on-going training for companies’ new hires, facilitating meetings, consulting and more while continuing to provide these “value add” services to the clients of eWrit.

Little did we know that this unique service that acted as a “value add” would turn into something that the industry so desperately needed… Beyond the Balloons Training and Marketing Services – a “sister” company of eWrit Filings. Just check out the reviews on eWrit’s Facebook page! Many came from the training services!

In a very human industry that provides the most emotional and basic human need of housing, many have gone to online training (among other things). This is fantastic from a liability reduction standpoint because of the reporting, but it does little for morale, engagement and the building of professionals and teams. In fact, chances are someone in your organization has built a side business for taking the online courses for those team members that can’t read well, are intimidated by computers, don’t test well, or who would rather scratch their eyes out.

Humans need human interaction. People need to feel someone supporting them as they practice skills, receive feedback and are challenged to grow. Your employees are not different. Amy has a unique ability to ignite people’s interest and energy for the business and in their own career! Let’s be honest, property management is a tough job that can beat us down. We need to ensure we are LIFTING the energy of our teams so that can transcend into our organization, residents, prospects, co-workers and ultimately our reviews! How people FEEL is as important as what they know and Beyond the Balloons Training & Consulting Services has been created to do just that. Inform. Engage. Inspire!

We have chosen to have them facilitate training sessions on multiple occasions not only because they present valuable information, but also because the manner in which they present the information keeps those being instructed interested and engaged.

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