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Beyond the Balloons team members have over 50 years of industry experience to share with their valued clients. From increasing occupancy to decreasing delinquency, this team can help uncover solutions to most any challenge.

Success Story

I’d like to express how thrilled I am with “Beyond The Balloons” and “Amy Earp.” I had a community that was struggling with occupancy and resident retention. The community is in the middle of a full renovation to include interior and lots of exterior upgrades. The building looks like a war zone. We had tried all of the conventional things such as beefing up marketing, put balloons out, pardon our dust signs and were working all of the leads, but nothing seemed to help. I thought I needed to get a fresh set of eyes on the asset, so I reached to Amy and explained the predicament we were in and asked if she’d come out to take a quick look. Within a few days she was on site and met with the team.

She came fully prepared with a plan that required the entire team to look at their strengths, weaknesses, challenges and several out of the box ideas to help turn our challenges into opportunities. She had shopped our Comps and knew exactly what they were offering. She had prepared lists of ideas we hadn’t even thought of. It was quite obvious that she had come to us fully prepared to help. Her follow up with my staff continues today and her upbeat personality and quirky temperament really engaged my employees. I’ve known Amy for several years and she never fails to surprise me with her out of the box thinking, which drives results.

– Sue Toland, Senior Vice President of Property Management, The Donaldson Group

VSI – Vacancy Scene Investigation

An in-depth property inspection and marketing audit from the eyes of a resident/prospective resident from the inside out. This audit will be done randomly (no advanced notice to the property) and is intended to observe the community in its natural state – as it operates with only the thought of conducting business for the day.

This will come with a complete report of potential “clues” that could be causing vacancy/turnover, pictures supporting the findings and any recommendations for resolution.

Consulting and Coaching

Our leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in the property management industry and they enjoy putting that to work for our clients!

Evelyn Hodge is a former operator and has successfully managed challenged properties and managed to increase occupancy while also dramatically decreasing delinquency in her former roles including Property Manager and Regional Manager. Her operational skills are methodical and focused on RESULTS.

Amy Earp, a former Marketing & Training Director in the industry has developed campaigns that MOVE people, managed a large marketing department that measured the results of more than just their advertising sources and has been motivating property management professionals in our industry for 20 plus years with her honest, down to earth and energetic seminars!

Areas we can assist you with:

  • Vacancy
  • Delinquency
  • Marketing
  • Curb appeal
  • Customized training courses based on the needs of the organization
  • Honest feedback

Customized Training Sessions

If it is in our “wheelhouse” we will create it! Just tell us what your organization needs are and we will develop a training made just for YOU and your team members. This will include a FREE one-hour consultation to identify needs and specific topics that you would like to see covered during your custom session.

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